Kastel Gallery

All About Kastel Gallery

Kastel Gallery for 40 years, was located on Green Avenue in Westmount, Qc. Kastel was one of Quebec’s oldest and most prestigious galleries in Canada.  The gallery established in the mid 1950’s by Paul Kastel, who originally emigrated from Germany, came to Montreal in 1950. He had a passion and was naturally drawn to Canadian art when he arrived. He quickly formed a friendship with Fritz Brandtner one of the country’s most important avant-garde artists and a great precursor of modernity.  Brandtner found in Paul a kindred spirit and an important ally. Paul was motivated by the possibility of allowing his clientele discover new artists. In 1970 Tony Nevin joined the gallery who, on a creative level learned enormously from Paul. Tony was there as well to take care of the administration and business side. They would eventually form a wonderful partnership where clients would become friends that would last indefinitely. Paul and Tony created a Gallery that felt like a home where clients/friends would go just to spend hours to talk.  The knowledge one would learn from them could not be measured.

Paul and Tony decided to retire from the business in 2006 and the Kastel Gallery as it was known came to a close and the introduction of an online gallery began.  The online gallery gives collectors the opportunity to purchase and sell fine works of art or just browse and use the site as learning tool.  If your interests lie in collecting or selling we can help on every level. We will guide you and pass on our expertise and experience on to you.  Rest assured that all transactions and correspondence remain absolutely confidential.